• “Enterprise Information Security Policy”
– development of security systems and drawing up procedures designed to protect the confidentiality of information inside and outside the enterprise.
– trainings based on the drawn up procedures.

• “Safety and responsibility policy for products”
-drawing up procedures and regulations, ensuring safety of the manufactured goods while in use.

• “Development of working time systems for enterprises”
– the drawing up of work regulations adjusting working time to the firms’ needs
– the creation of and control of working time schedules – effectively and in accordance with provisions of law
– implementation trainings

• “Work regulations, workplace regulations, social benefits regulations”
– the drawing up of documents
– trainings

• “Grouped purchase of services and goods, especially of electricity”
– drawing up regulations regarding tender conditions for grouped purchases
– drafting implementing agreements for grouped purchases

• “Financial corrections”
– post-audit assistance for beneficiaries of EU funds in case of request of their full or partial return

• “Converting legal forms of enterprises and adjusting them legally to the needs of their business activities”

• “Divorce and property mediations”

• “Arrangements with parents regarding children’s custody”


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